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1. Aquaponics

By aquaponics, we mean a type of mixed agriculture with sustainable agriculture based on a combination of aquaculture and hydroponic cultivation to produce a symbiotic environment.

In an aquaponic system, water from aquaculture pools is pumped into hydroponic pools, so that the plants located there can lter it, removing various substances from sh waste, while extracting food from them. The ltered water can then be poured back into the aquaculture tanks and the cycle can be resumed.

The aquaponics system is conceptually simple, the components of which are a sh tank, water recirculation pumps, ltration systems, and soil for growing without soil. The latter can be reservoirs lled with mineral substrates (for example, LECA, perlite, pumice, polystyrene, mineral wool) or organic, reservoirs on which oating elements are placed to support crops that develop roots directly in the water, or contours in which water ows, into which small containers for growing plants are inserted.

Freshwater sh can be bred for food, as well as for decorative value or for replenishing the fauna.

A variety of vegetables that can be grown on hydroponics, so that they can be alternated throughout the year, so that there are always fresh products in accordance with the seasons.