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10. Bioclimatic greenhouses

An ideal place to relax, develop and optimize your energy consumption. This type of greenhouse provides signicant energy savings for heating due to the passive use of solar radiation.

This is a convective greenhouse, in which a window allows air exchange with the living room; in winter, the windows open to divert the hot air collected during the day outside, and in summer, the greenhouse is useful for cooling the living room.

This is a brand new living space where you can relax, where you can relax just like in any other room in the house, and where you can actually devote yourself to farming at home. It is designed as the perfect space for a real home garden, which also helps your plants reduce CO2 emissions from the home.

Temperature, humidity, and solar radiation are measured through a microclimatic monitoring system.

The transpiration of the plants is monitored to ensure that the internal temperature decreases due to the introduction of water vapor coming from the leaf mass: inside the greenhouse, a naturally cooled environment is created, and the ow of this air at a lower temperature enters the living space.