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2. Algaculture

The Abitare la Natura team conducted a serious and thorough analysis of the properties and thousands of uses of the wonderful greenish-blue algae: spirulina, deciding to include it among the products that will be grown in our village, also taking into account the high profitability. Health benefits and how spirulina is used in medicinal and medical settings.

Regarded as one of the foods of the future (also called a superfood), it contains a large amount of nutrients that are crucial for our body. Its composition has a much higher nutritional value coefficient than any other food, to the point that it is also used by astronauts.

Algae, also known as the” food of the gods”, is one of the oldest inhabitants of our planet. The name Spirulina is given by its typical spiral shape, a color between green and blue. It is considered one of the most complete products for the human body, so it can be called a super-food of the XXI century.

The definition of” food of the future “ was given by FAO in 2008, for this and other reasons, it was taken into account by our operational team to Abitare la Natura, to research and develop new technologies that will become part of the eco-village project.

One of the most useful uses is dietary supplements, but pharmaceutical companies also use these algae for therapeutic purposes, to treat herpes simplex, or to stabilize blood sugar levels, as in type 2 diabetes.

The same can be applied by herbistorical companies or companies producing food additives and functional food products that are engaged in the processing of products, herbs, natural, based on algae. Even companies working in the cosmetics field may be interested in these algae to create skin creams. Spirulina is indeed a powerful ally in the fight against the aging of our epidermis.

In order to keep it clean, the ideal situation is to grow and develop the algae in a protected and restricted environment, just as the experienced team of Abitare la Natura decided, thus, to include it in the top products of an environmentally sustainable village. Abitare la Natura decided to grow spirulina algae in vessels equipped with a special hydrodynamic conformation. The best conditions for the development of high- quality culture are achieved through proper ventilation and exposure to sunlight.

The growing conditions must not be contaminated by external agents, so our team’s choice is to work in protected areas, as well as in air-conditioned and ventilated greenhouses. The same canons without contamination should be adopted at the processing stage. The production process develops in two stages: filtration and drying.

Everything must take place in rooms with controlled temperature and filters that allow you to work in sterile environments to get a high-end product, including through microbiological/food analysis and checking for the absence of pollutants.

Another huge advantage that motivated us to grow spirulina algae is that it can absorb CO2 in the atmosphere 400 times faster than a normal tree (100 times more than spruce and 20 times more than bamboo). An incredible solution to the current global warming problem.