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4. Goat farming

In our project, we have provided for semi-stable breeding, in which goats are raised in a stall in the winter and graze in other months of the year; during their stay in the stall, they are fed hay.

Breeding is practiced for the production of milk; the animals are divided into homogeneous groups (pregnant goats, nursing goats, weaned goats, etc.). On a farm of this type, the goat is supplemented by a milking hall and an external enclosure where the goats can walk and breathe fresh air.

The animals have the opportunity to graze outdoors and feed on organic feed: productivity does not violate their ethology, and they live a decent life. They are treated with natural medicines, and only inextreme and necessary cases are allowed to take some life-saving drugs.

With our Goat farming system we will have the following production:
• Milk: most often turns into cheese.
• Wool: Two breeds of wool will be used: Angora goat from Turkey and cashmere goat from Kashmir. The wool obtained from the Angora goat is called mohair.