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7. Campus

Abitare la Natura Village is the farm as you imagined it as a child, where the natural cycle of village life promotes the growth of crops, experiences and people.

But at the same time, it is focused on the future with completely innovative cultivation systems.

Stables with animals, a vegetable garden, greenhouses, cultivated elds, a riding school: everything here works “like a natural future”.

The laboratory is an original and innovative experience, of which there are few examples in Italy:

it oers children both indoor activities (working in greenhouses, preparing packaging, helping in the stables, and environmental friendliness, packing boxes of fruit and vegetable products). ) and active recreation (growing ORGANIC fruits and vegetables, supporting the activities of the educational farm, supplying fruit and vegetable products for the Cooperative store, etc.).

Thus, divided into small groups under the guidance of a qualied operator, children can always take care of themselves in a diverse and interesting way, depending on the season, weather conditions and aptitudes of each.