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9. Sales

Inside the Abitare la Natura Village there will be a small shop where you can nd all the products produced from the available crops and farms.

Cheeses prepared to maximize the organoleptic properties of excellent milk.

Each tasting oers an insight into the past with the added safety of guaranteed organic raw materials. Our 100% natural vegetables and fruits are grown using the most innovative technologies that allow us to keep the natural taste unchanged.

All our products have Ø Km, and they can also be found in our Abitare la Natura farm shop, which will allow us not only to shorten the supply chain, but also to completely abandon it to go directly - from the dairy farm or from the eld - to the store counter, thanks to the fact that it was freshly produced or freshly harvested.

That’s why we are so sure that the quality has never been so good: natural and always 100% fresh.